blonde looks

The styles are always changing and I am happy to report old-world Hollywood glamour with a modern flare is all the rage.  Finally!  We ladies can sport shiny, gorgeous locks and be proud of it instead of trying to look like we just rolled out of bed and left the house.  Boho chic? Try bed clothes chic.  No thank you!  Whether you are looking at the red carpet, a fashion magazine, or at the hottest new restaurant, the successful women of today have traded in their beachy, messy, rooty, slept-in hair for high shine, polished looks reminiscent of Marilyn Monroe’s glory days.  Thanks to our sponsor, Davines, we were able to develop a series of blonde looks using our very own salon talent. Here are some tips on how to join salonblonde’s A-list with these fresh new looks for the summer.  Enjoy and stay tuned for more ideas of how to stay hot all summer long!

XOX Julie Thehairstylist

Look 1: Glam goddess

To tap into your inner glam goddess you will need Davines oi beautifying potion, Davines Universal Mattering Mousse, Defining Glam Power Spray, hot rollers, a killer smile and some fantastic bright lipstick! Start with damp hair and massage 2-5 pumps of oi beautifying potion (depending on how coarse your hair texture is) throughout the hair to promote shine and protect hair from heat styling. Next apply a clementine-sized dollop of mattering mousse throughout the hair (start at the root and work through the length) to provide your style with structure and staying power! Girl Power!! Rough dry the hair until it is 100% dry while maintaining a side part in your hair. Set your hair in hot rollers so that all of the hair is curling under. Let your hair set in the rollers for at least five minutes. This is a good time to admire how great your bum looks in your new cropped jeans! Remove all rollers. Using a paddle brush, (Denman makes a great paddle brush) gently brush through the hair. Start the brush at the bottom of your hairline and brush upwards, arch the brush out and down so you are still causing the hair to curl under. The more you brush, the softer the waves will get. Once you have gotten your hair into place spray your hair with glam power spray for a flexible hold that will make passersby wonder if you just walked out of the salon! Now grab your Smashbox be legendary lipstick in Mandarin and you are ready for a hot night out!

hair by: Nicolle Noble & Haley Meinke

makeup by: JR Costantini

Look2: Polished prep

Trying to look like you didn’t try is so last year! It is due time to polish up that style and own your beautiful hair. To achieve this va-va-shine look you will need Davines Relaxing Fluid, Davines Volu Mist, and Davines Shine Drops. Apply a lima bean size amount (if your hair is past your shoulders you can use an almond size amount) of the relaxing fluid to damp hair to protect the hair from heat styling and achieve a smooth and perfect blowdry. Sprits 12-15 squirts of volu mist throughout the hair to give your style structure and enough lift at the root to get some swing as you step. No helmet hair for you! Using the clip of your choice, blow-dry your hair in one-inch sections. Start at your root focusing the air of the dryer down on the hair shaft while you brush through it. This smooths the cuticle to maximize shine. Once your section is 100% dry let down another inch sized section and do the same. Continue until your hair is dry. If you have extra-frizzy hair you might prefer to run a flat iron through the ends to get that extra sleek look. Start with one pump of shine drops in your hand and gently finger comb through the ends of your hair. Use the last little bit to tap down your halo of fly-aways around your part. Now throw on some heels and a bright scarf and prepare to receive many compliments on your new ‘do!

color by : Irene Jones

cut & style by: Julie Perrott

makeup by: Dawn Doerfler Koch

Look 3: Carefree curls

Time to celebrate all those curly girls! For those ladies whose curves extend beyond their silhouette this look is great for you! For this style you need Davines Momo Cream, Davines Momo Serum, and Davines Gloss Finishing Spray. Curls without moisture are sad news. Start with wet hair and apply a dime size amount of momo cream. Use your fingers to comb the cream through the hair. Start with the same amount of the momo serum and work it through the hair one clump at a time. Add more as you work around the head. Twist the hair in small pieces like you used to in grade school to form more defined curls, afterall this season is all about shiny, polished locks! Using a diffuser turn your blow dryer on hi heat, with the lowest air speed. Gently set the diffuser under your hair and hold still to allow the heat to boost the curls without causing too much frizz from movement. Dry the hair about 50%. If the hair starts to frizz, move to a new section. If the hair remains smooth, you can dry it a little further. There is no need to get it all the way dry for this style, your curls will continue to form as it air dries throughout the day. To give the curls a little extra shine sprits 2-5 squirts of the gloss spray on the ends, while holding the bottle at least 8 inches from the hair. If you have fine curly hair it is best to spray into your hand and apply to the hair in a scrunching motion. You can also use the spray in your hands to tap down any fuzzies in the part area. Now skip out the door and let your curls be the envy of all of us straight-haired gals out there!

hair by : Irene Jones

makeup by: Dawn Doerfler Koch


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