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By Irene Castro-Jones


The KEVIN.MURPHY hair care and styling product lines were born in Australia and are fashioned after the laid-back Australian philosophy of “no worries.” In terms of products, this translates to help you achieve beautiful, healthy hair with minimal work and maintenance. All KEVIN.MURPHY products are made using pure plant extracts, natural anti-oxidants and pure essential oils, and have always been sulfate and paraben-free. KEVIN.MURPHY’s approach to all things is to focus on renewable and sustainable resources whenever possible, including recyclable bottles whose unique rectangular shape uses 40% less plastic while holding more product. At the same time, it takes 40% less space than other bottles, meaning less waste in landfills, a smaller impact on the environment and a smaller carbon footprint as compared to other brands.


With a long career spanning fashion, runway, editorial and film, Kevin Murphy is one of the world’s most respected and sought after hairstylists. Vogue stated that Kevin Murphy is the one who invented the iconic “beach hair” look and he is recognized internationally for his long list of celebrity clientele and countless pages of editorial work for high-end magazines around the globe.

Kevin has spent two decades doing and re-doing hair for photo shoots and catwalk shows.

After styling models’ hair, over and over again, it becomes heavy and therefore hard to style, which when you are a perfectionist like me, is extremely frustrating. I was constantly looking for invisible styling products that gave great hold but did not weigh down the hair. After years of not being able to fulfill my needs, it dawned on me that there was no choice other than to create my own line of products.”

As a result of his dissatisfaction with mainstream products, the finest range of natural and eco-friendly hair care and styling products was born.


Salonblonde’s Irene Castro-Jones, KEVIN.MURPHY educator will lead the salonblonde stylists in creating KEVIN.MURPHY editorial styles using their products, through their professional education workshops, creating looks you’ll love just as much as we do. And, the best part – styles can be re-dressed throughout the day without the need for washing.

We will be carrying the full KEVIN.MURPHY styling line:

  • Motion Lotion: A curl enhancer and frizz control in a weightless absorbing lotion.
  • Anti Gravity: An oil free volumizer and texturizer.
  • Hair Resort: A beach texturizer for creating a messy look in long and fine hair.
  • Body Guard: A smoothing and hydrating lotion that protects against damage.
  • Fresh Hair: Refreshing spray for hair on the go.
  • Easy Rider: An anti-frizz styling cream, flexible hold.
  • Sticky Business: A matte based texturizer, with a strong hold.
  • Gritty Business: Pliable hold styling product with a dry, gritty finish.
  • Session Spray: A firm and lasting hold with UV protection.

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