do blondes really have more fun?

By Rachael Shannon

Given our namesake, we should probably say that blonde is THE only way to go. Perhaps it’s true that blondes DO have more fun, but we’d like argue that it’s all in your head-and that’s a good thing. So, do blonde’s really have more fun or is it just a self full-filling prophecy?

According to experimental psychologist Dr. Tony Fallone, hair color really can indicate personality. “Blondes are likely to be more outgoing and lively and are perceived as more feminine than their brunette counterparts,” he explains.

A lifelong blonde, JR Costantini, Beauty Director at salonblonde, believes that it’s a woman’s attitude that truly makes her beautiful, but personally prefers to don blonde locks. A natural go-getter, she exudes confidence and class. Happily married and very successful, JR feels blonde best suits her personality as an outward expression of the confidence she feels inside. “The essence of being blonde isn’t about your hair color, it’s about choosing a stylish, fun and confident lifestyle. But if I ever went brunette I feel like I should change my wardrobe-although I know I really wouldn’t need to- it’s just the stigma,” she said.

So, if blondes are more assertive and confident, it would make sense that according to a recent survey, women who choose to be blonde are also wired to make more money than their brunette counterparts. The facts don’t exactly fit the stereotype for dumb blonde, given that they tend to be leaders whereas brunettes, perhaps, are more passive-at least in the workplace.

In a poll of 1,500 men, more than 60 percent thought dark-haired girls were the most trustworthy and loyal, compared with just 14 per cent of blondes.

Only 2% of women are naturally blonde by the time they reach adulthood. Perhaps men seek brunette life partners for pure means of producing offspring that are genetically inclined to be on top of the survival of the fittest, even if it means forfeiting the go-getter mindset.

In one study, Marie Claire magazine tested this personality theory on one of it’s employees.  She noticed that as a blonde, there was more peer pressure to be bubbly and outgoing. But, she felt more exotic as a brunette. If being blonde feels bubbly, than being a brunette feels sexy.

One in 20 women prefer darker hair as it can have higher shine, thus being more striking. It is also low maintenance in comparison to blonde hair (read study). And, it’s very in style right now.

A beautiful brunette, Kaitlin Armon, desk coordinator at salonblonde, felt that when she was blonde she wasn’t taken as seriously by the men in her life. Single and the life-of-the-party, “I feel most confident and attractive with dark hair. I feel it leaves a little mystery to my look, plus it is easier to manage in terms of haircare and upkeep,” she said.  Kaitlin is the perfect example of embodying the blonde spirit but just choosing to sport dark tresses instead.

If  blondes historically feel differently toward themselves and their abilities at work and social engagements and brunettes are seen as good caretakers then let’s embrace the essence of being blonde. After all, we all know that we make good mothers and wives. Being blonde it isn’t about a color, it’s about a lifestyle.


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