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Have you ever been told that your hair was too damaged for repair and you would need to cut it? Well, in some extreme cases this is true, but most of the time bad hair is really just poorly treated hair. Think about it, if you ate a big mac everyday for lunch and dinner would you expect to have a healthy waistline? The same principle applies to your hair. Face it, you are rough on your hair. You style, tease, blow dry, tease, iron, rinse, repeat. (And we’re all guilty of not getting it trimmed often enough.) You don’t give it the tender love it really needs to survive such an abusive relationship.   Let’s consider this your intervention.

`Before you doom yourself to a life of less-than-gorgeous hair, perhaps you’ve never been introduced to HOW to properly care for it. I am here to tell you that it is possible to have the hair you dream of, or at least make yours the best it can be.


By: Bridget Boscaccy

here’s the insider know-how:

Invest in products that actually put necessary minerals and nutrients back into your poorly treated hair. Most products like straightening serums and shine sprays only mask the problem,  not actually fix it. Over the past 8 years, the stylists at salonblonde have consistently turned to PHYTO for hair repair. PHYTO is a French line of hair treatment and styling aids that believes that beautiful hair starts with a healthy scalp. Using all botanical ingredients, PHYTO can help your hair ailments from thinning hair to split ends.
Step 1: Get the right prescription

step 1:get the right treatment aids

Every woman’s hair care shopping list:

phytopolléine (click for product review)

to purify your scalp, strengthen your hair and even help your hair grow (hair can split at the roots if your scalp is clogged from product residue).

phytonectar (click for product review)

to deep condition-and yes, everyone needs to deep condition.

huile d’alés (click for product review)

to add amazing soft shine

step 2: Establish the right regime that fits your lifestyle

phytopolléine can be used twice a week depending on the condition of your scalp, right at home. Not sure how clogged your scalp is?

phytonectar can be alternated with huile d’alés once a week to deep condition your hair and repair. Use the huile d’alés on your ends the first week, then alternate with phytonectar the second week. Leave-in for 20 minutes -12hours depending on the condition of your ends.

salonblonde offers FREE scalp and hair consultations and treatments by PHYTO twice a month. Call today to set-up an appointment, no other appointment necessary. A PHYTO rep will walk you through the step-by-step details of how to apply yourself.

step 3: Style with love


photos compliments of PHYTO


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